Air Freight

Delivery of urgent and expensive, small-sized cargo in matter of days

Air Freight

Air transportation – one of the links of multimodal logistics. It allows to substantially accelerate delivery of goods.

Multimodal delivery consists of several stages:

  • Delivering of cargo by auto or rail to an airport.
  • Loading cargo onto an airplane.
  • Air transportation to a destination.
  • Delivery to receiver either by auto or rail.

Gathering cargo from various shippers and shipping in one group is optimal air transportation solution. Costs of shipping this way depends on cargo’s weight and dimensions. Main obstacle in the way of moving cargo by air is arranging transportation to an air terminal: not every city has one.

Air freight being a higher cost option means it is mostly used to transport small-sized cargo. Main categories of cargo transported by air includes: correspondence, perishable, high tech goods.

Features of transporting cargo on aircraft:

When choosing air transportation nature of the cargo, time constraints and budget all need to be taken into account. Air freight can be favourable in instances such as:

  1. Cargo needs to be delivered urgently.
  2. Transportation needs to be organised between continents.
  3. When delivering cargo special care and transit time are especially important.
  4. Need for optimising costs for cargo clearance.

Disadvantages of transporting goods this way is high cost and dependence on weather conditions.

Ways to save on air freight

If you need delivery by air, it is best to hire a company that provides full package solution. This way you will be able to save on consolidation, guard and escort, auto hire for delivery to an air terminal.

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