Road Haulage

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Demand in road haulage can be explained by several factors:

  • Developed road network on Eurasian continent;
  • Road transport can reach destinations through difficult parts of roads;
  • Ability to deliver all types of cargo, including groupage cargo;
  • Affordable;
  • Eliminate additional middlemen in the link «shipper - logistic company - receiver»;
  • Track status of the shipment and its location through satellite connection and internet.

Reliability of road haulage depends on factors such as condition of the road surface, amount of traffic, and lines at customs checkpoints.

What cargo is allowed to be transported on trucks?

There are almost no limitations to what can be transported on auto transport. It is allowed to ship: loose, liquid, oversized, hazardous, expensive and fragile goods. Auto transport is used in delivering food, fuel, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, construction materials, vehicles.

For delivering small quantities 20ft and 40ft containers and tents are used. Oversized cargo is delivered in open tops, liquids - in tanks. Refrigerator units are intended for transporting perishable goods.

Transportation costs

Cost of road haulage depends on several factors:

  • Cargo description;
  • Any additional services: security, escort, organising loading-unloading and storage of a cargo;
  • Routing;
  • Customs procedures.

Filing all the necessary accompanying documentation, delivery according to the contract, ability to track cargo’s movement guarantees pricing transparency. We offer very flexible terms for road haulage services. Contact us to go over the details of our future partnership.

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